It’s nearly impossible to open a garage door when a garage door spring breaks. This alone should tell you that the repair job is also difficult. It isn’t that MassGarage doesn’t think you can do it; we do. It’s that it’s dangerous – very dangerous. Even the most skilled do-it-yourselfer can get seriously hurt when he or she tries to change a garage door spring. Here are three reasons why this is a job for the pros.

1. Spring Tension

A garage door torsion spring is wound extremely tight. This is so the spring can support the weight of the door. The door itself can weigh anywhere from 200 to 500 pounds, but you would never know that when you open or close it. The reason why is that the springs absorb this weight; as such, torsion springs are heavy and very difficult to work with. You can easily lose control of the spring when installing it, and if it unravels or flies out of your hands, you’re looking at broken fingers, lacerations, or worse.

2. Spring Size

You would think that selecting the correct spring size for your garage door wouldn’t be difficult but it is. It isn’t just the size you need to worry about. It’s also the tension, type, diameter, strength and weight of the torsion spring that must be taken into account. If you put the wrong spring on your door, the tension between all the springs will be uneven, and this can damage your garage door. The wrong spring will also wear the other springs down quickly, which means unnecessary additional repairs in the future.

3. Spring Replacement

Finally, even if you purchase the right spring and clear the area just in case you lose control of it, replacing garage door springs remains a dangerous pain in the behind. You must have the proper tools to maintain control of the spring while you’re installing it. You must also calibrate the spring, and if that isn’t done so properly, you’ll end up with the same uneven tension between the springs as you would if you purchased the wrong replacement spring. This job requires experience. Bottom line.

MassGarage in Sharon, MA, has that experience. We can safely replace garage door springs without risk of injury or damage to your door. Aside from Sharon, we also help customers in Foxborough, Walpole, Canton, and Stoughton, MA, and we are here 24/7 if you have a garage door emergency. Call us today at 781-602-0737 and we’ll send an experienced garage door technician to your home.

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