If you’re thinking of replacing your garage door, you’re probably wondering which parts you can reuse in order to save money. The garage door tracks play an important role in the smooth operation of your door, and they can be a bit expensive to install brand-new. So, is it possible or recommended to reuse your old garage door tracks? The short answer is no, and there are many reasons why. Most importantly, reusing garage door tracks can be extremely dangerous.

Why You Shouldn’t Reuse Garage Door Tracks

The garage door industry is constantly changing, so parts and pieces are also adapting to new door styles. If you use old garage door tracks, it’s highly likely that they will simply not be compatible with your new door or garage door system. These tracks are connected using a special rivet that’s set to open and close at a distance from the side post. This side post is created in the factory when the garage door is made. If you try to use older tracks with a new door or panel, the old tracks cannot be adjusted, which can cause a range of problems.

Issues with Reusing Garage Door Tracks

When you try to use old garage door tracks, the door itself will end up being improperly spaced. Some of the problems that come along with this include:

  • Your garage door could get stuck in either the open or closed position, rendering it useless.
  • Electrical garage door openers might cause the door to continuously open and close until it falls off the old track entirely.
  • Improper spacing often causes the springs to be unbalanced. This is the part of your system that lifts and opens the door. A broken spring or springs can be extremely dangerous, and very costly to repair.
  • If the door falls, it may potentially cause injury to yourself, your family, or your guests. It could also fall right onto your vehicle, costing you a lot of money in repairs.

While it might be tempting to reuse old garage door tracks, it’s definitely not recommended. The risk to your garage door, your safety, and your belongings are not worth it. Contact the professionals at MassGarage if you’re in need of new tracks, and we’ll make everything work as good as new again.

At MassGarage located in Sharon, MA, we have the expertise to help you select the perfect garage door for your home. Call us at 781-602-0737 to schedule an appointment for an estimate today.

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