Replacing your garage door is a fantastic way to upgrade the look and function of your home. If you’re in the market for a garage door, you might be wondering if you need a door that’s insulated. While new garage doors will certainly improve your curb appeal, they also serve an important function, keeping your cars and the contents inside safe and protected. To determine if you need an insulated garage door, let’s look at the benefits of choosing this option.

You’ll Save Energy

While most people think about the components of the inside of their home, the garage door is often overlooked when it comes to energy savings. Insulated garage doors typically have more gaps and air leaks than the rest of your home, which is why adding insulation can help to prevent these issues. If the door is not insulated, it could transfer cold air to other rooms of your house, including the room directly attached to the side as well as any living space above the garage (when applicable). When you insulate the door, it helps to keep the garage temperature moderated, reducing the amount of energy you need to heat the rest of your house.

Insulation Equals Durability

Since insulated garage doors are constructed with more than one layer, it’s no surprise that they are naturally more durable. Your garage door needs to be able to handle heavy wear and tear from cars, equipment, and even kids so insulating it add to its strength. This type of garage door is usually made with a steel or aluminum frame filled with solid-core insulation. This insulation is also placed between the panels of the door, creating a lightweight and energy-efficient door. Aside from normal wear and tear, insulated doors won’t warp as quickly and can hold up well to heavy rain or other weather, making them a lot more resilient in the long run.

Insulated Doors are Quieter and Better at Protecting Your Stuff

In general, insulated garage doors operate much more quietly than non-insulated ones. This means you’ll get quieter enjoyment of the door and less annoying noise that can permeate throughout your home whenever the door is opened or closed. Since insulated doors are more tightly constructed, there is less loose material that can rattle around or make other noises. An insulated door will also protect your car from freezing weather, preventing shorter battery life and low tire pressure. It’s also great at protecting power tools, sports equipment, and even cans of paint since all these things can be affected by varying weather conditions.

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