Garage doors rely on a serious of electrical and mechanical components to operate, so it’s no surprise that they have the potential to be dangerous. In the United States, there are tens of thousands of injuries caused by garage doors every year. While garage doors are certainly convenient, it’s important to understand proper garage door safety so you can keep you and your family safe.

There are a few simple things you can do in order to practice good garage door safety. Here are a few helpful tips that will ensure your garage door is an asset and not a danger to your loved ones.

Check Safety Sensors

The safety sensors on your garage door are attached to the rails where the garage door rides up and down. They’re usually located around six inches off the ground and are made to reverse the direction of the door if a person, object, or animal is underneath the door when it closes. Test your sensors regular to make sure they are working properly. Place an object in front of the sensors to see if it stops the door. If the door does not start to reverse, you may need to call the pros at MassGarage to inspect the opener.

Watch Kids Closely

Playing with a garage door can be tempting for little ones. It may seem fun for kids to ride up the garage door as they hold onto the handle. This should never be allowed, as it has the potential to cause serious injury. Lay down some rules for your children so they understand that the garage door is not a toy and it can hurt them if they are not careful. You should also hide all transmitters and remote controls from children. Make sure the wall control is at least five feet from the ground so little fingers can’t reach it.

Try Your Auto-Reverse Feature

Any garage door opener manufactured after 1991 must have a reversing mechanism. This makes the door change direction if it notices there is something blocking its path. You can test this by placing a roll of paper towels on its side below the center of the garage door. Push the button to close the door, and it should reverse as soon as it detects the presence of the paper towels.

Test Force Settings

Your garage door should stop if you try to push it down when it’s going up, or if you try to push up on the bottom as it is lowering. If this doesn’t happen, it might be time to adjust the force settings. This simple adjustment will ensure that the garage has a better gauge of how strong it opens and closes, allowing better time to prevent potential injury.

With these simple tips, you can be sure your garage door is operating safely. With regular checks and some good ground rules, the garage door on your home will be a helpful addition to your house’s curb appeal and functionality.

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