If you live in the Foxborough, MA area, make sure your garage door gets the treatment it deserves. The professionals at Mass Garage are always available to help you make any needed repairs, safety checks, or full garage door replacements you need. With a trusted background in the garage and garage door industry, we have the team of experts available who can get the job done right the first time. We’ll even provide you with a free estimate in advance so you can compare prices and you’ll always know exactly what services you will receive. From parts lubrication to door repairs, some of our services in the Foxborough, MA area include:

  • Replacement of broken springs: Are your springs broken? If so, this can be a serious safety hazard. Our experts can ensure you get brand-new springs that are high quality and installed the right way.
  • Off-track doors: Every so often, your garage door may get off-track. We can easily get it working smoothly again by adjusting the track or door so that it opens and closes smooth again.
  • Broken cable replacement: A broken cable is a serious issue, so let our experts replace your broken or worn out cables with brand-new ones.
  • Noisy garage doors: If you’re tired of that loud garage door, let us take a closer look. We can find out the cause of the noise and then recommend the best way to eliminate it for peaceful operation.
  • Door repairs or replacements: Depending on your needs, we can easily repair a dented or dinged door, or we can install a brand-new one. We offer panel replacements as well as full garage door replacements so you can get the look and function you desire.
  • Diagnostics: Some garage door issues are simple to fix, but you might not know how. We’ll come to perform a full troubleshooting test to find out exactly what’s causing the problem. Then, we’ll make the recommendations on how to proceed so you can get your garage door fixed right.
  • Lubrication of moving parts: A garage door system is a complex series of moving parts that sometimes just need extra lubrication. This process is simple and should have your door working nice and smoothly again.
  • Adjustment/Alignment/Balancing: A simple readjustment or alignment may be all that’s needed to get your garage door working correctly. Let our team of experts come and make any adjustments or balancing you need.
  • Safety checks: It’s important to be sure your garage door is operating safely. Our professional team can perform a full safety check so you can enjoy peace of mind.

Contact the garage door professionals at Mass Garage serving the Foxborough, Massachusetts community. Our fully insured professionals have the background and the know-how to get your garage door working in top condition. We’re also happy to install a new garage door to make your home look brand new! Call us today to schedule your appointment!