Your garage is more than a place to store your car, it’s also a place to keep items like tools, bikes, and sporting goods organized. This area can easily become cluttered if you don’t practice a few good storage habits. In order to get the most out of this space, check out these helpful tips that will leave your garage looking neat and tidy for more convenient, organized storage.

Use Bins for Small Items

From baseballs to various nails and screws, plastic bins are a great way to keep smaller, loose objects organized. Try large plastic bins with a lid to stash sports items like balls, uniforms, and tennis rackets. Just make sure you clearly label each bin so you can easily identify what’s inside when you need it. Stacking bins can be placed toward the back of your garage, maximizing vertical storage space. For tiny items like nails, look for tool bins that feature a series of small, clear drawers. Separate each type of item (like screws vs nails) so you can quickly grab them as you need them.

Try Hooks and Pegs for Hanging

Instead of cluttering your garage with bicycles and shovels, install some durable hooks or pegs on the wall. These handy accessories will allow you to hang gardening tools and bikes on the wall, freeing up your precious floor space. Look for specialty hooks that are made just for bikes, skateboards, and surfboards and hang them all together in one central area. Use pegs or other hooks for rakes, shovels, and other garden-related items so you can easily access them without causing injury or taking up excess space in the garage.

Shelving and Lockers

You probably use your garage to store things like cans of paint and wood finish. Instead of just stacking them carelessly on the floor, try a secured storage locker instead. These lockers can be locked up to keep little hands from getting ahold of potentially dangerous items. Shelving is another great way to maximize your space, and you can use them to store almost anything. When you use the walls and go vertical with lockers, it’s much easier to keep everything together while getting the absolute most out of the garage space you do have.

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