Today’s modern garage doors are quieter than ever before thanks to lightweight materials, better opener hardware, and sleek rollers that make them operate in a quiet fashion. If your garage door has started to make a lot of noise, it could be caused by a large number of different things. Whether it’s squeaking, grinding, or a banging sound, read on to find out more about these common reasons for a lot of noise and what you can do to fix it.


If your garage door is older than 15 years, it’s probably going to be a lot louder than the newer models sold today. From a worn-out opener to worn-down rollers, you may be able to calm the sound by replacing these parts first. If the noise persists, it could be time to get an entirely new garage door, hardware included.

Loose Parts

Over time, nuts and bolts can become loose as you open and close your garage door repeatedly. This can cause a piercing, screeching sound whenever the door is in motion. Check the nuts and bolts to make sure they’re secured tightly, and you can also add lubrication that should remedy the problem. If your door uses a chain-drive opener, it may make a lot more noise than one with a belt-drive opener, so keep that in mind as well.

The Rollers are Worn Out

Most metal garage doors are already noisy by nature, and this can increase as they get older and you used them repeatedly. Consider replacing your steel rollers with nylon ones, as these operate much more quietly. Another bonus is that nylon rollers last just as long as steel ones, so you’re not sacrificing on quality.

The Door is Off-Balance

Just like any other door in your home, if it is off-balance, it is likely prone to making a lot of noise whenever it is opened or closed. Have your local garage door specialists like the pros at MassGarage come and take a look at the issue. A garage door that is off-balance could be potentially dangerous, and it definitely is cause for concern. Not to mention, off-balance doors will make exceptionally loud, annoying sounds whenever they’re in operation.

If you’re concerned about the noises coming from your garage door, try these helpful tips to troubleshoot. If you still cannot remedy the problem, it’s time to call in the experts. At MassGarage located in Sharon, MA, we have the expertise to help you troubleshoot any problems with the garage door on your home. Call us at 781-602-0737 to schedule an appointment for an inspection or repair today.

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