Your garage door is probably something you rarely think about. Whenever you get home, you expect to push the remote button and have the door open and close without any issues. Unfortunately, garage door damage can occur and may need a repair or an inspection.

Anything can happen with your garage door, and it can likely happen at any time. When it gets stuck open, it can be a threat to your home’s security. If it’s stuck in the closed position, you won’t be able to get your car in or out, leaving it vulnerable to the elements or potential thieves. If you notice damage to your garage door, it’s important to have the pros at MassGarage take a closer look so we can get it fixed.

Before you call us, check out these common causes of garage door damage so you’ll have a better idea of what might have gone wrong.

Garage Door Damage Causes

There are many reasons why your garage door might be in trouble. It’s usually either a technical problem, wear and tear, or some kind of obstruction. Here are some of the most common causes of garage door damage:

  • A broken spring: Springs will break from time to time on your garage door. This could be the result of daily use or heavier than normal use. The more you use the garage door, the more the springs are prone to break. Old springs are also much more susceptible to breakage.
  • Broken cables: Your garage door uses lifting cables that support the door as it opens and closes. Over time, these cables can become brittle and begin to fray. Once the cables are frayed, they start to unwind and will eventually snap.
  • Sensor issues: A tiny sensor located on both sides of your garage door is called the photo-eye. These sensors project an invisible beam across the door, making sure that it does not shut on top of someone or another object. The sensors are an essential safety feature that can become misaligned. This usually happens when an object knocks into them and disconnects the light beams. Bad weather or water damage can also damage the sensor circuit.
  • Electrical problems: Most garage doors require electricity to open and close, and sometimes fuses can blow. Other electrical problems may include frayed wiring or water damage. Always call our professionals when it comes to electrical problems so we can get it corrected safely.
  • General wear and tear: All mechanisms of your garage door will undergo some form of wear and tear. Rollers wear out, motors get worn, and even the door itself could begin to become worn down. This is common, and it’s likely time for a quick inspection to determine what needs to be replaced.
  • Off-track issues: Your garage door slides on a metal track to help it close and open quickly and quietly. Sometimes, the door becomes misaligned or off-track, which could be the root cause of your issues.

At MassGarage located in Sharon, MA, we have the expertise to help you make any repairs you need for your garage door. Call us at 781-602-0737 to schedule an appointment for an estimate today.

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