If you’re in the Walpole, MA area and need garage door repair, the professionals at Mass Garage have you covered. Our experienced staff has a deep understanding of the garage and garage door industry, and we’re happy to come and provide you with a free estimate. Whether you need a quick safety check, a serious repair, or a total garage door replacement, we have the background to get the job done correctly and accurately. Our team of experienced professionals is more than happy to provide you with a free quote in advance so you always know exactly what services you’re receiving and how much it costs. Some of the services we offer our Walpole customers include:

  • Replacing broken springs: The springs are an important part of any garage door system, and when they’re broken, you need a pro to replace them safely.
  • Off-Track doors: If your garage doors seem to be running off-track, let our professionals come and realign them or install new tracks so it can open and close easily.
  • Broken cables: A worn-out or broken cable is a serious issue. We can take a closer look and replace any broken or worn-down cables to ensure safe operation of your garage door.
  • Noisy garage doors: Get rid of that annoying noise and call us to come to find out what’s causing it so we can fix it and you can enjoy your garage door in peace.
  • Door repair and replacement: Whether you have a dent or ding or you’re ready for a new look, we can easily repair almost any type of garage door, or we’ll happily replace it with a new one for you.
  • Troubleshooting: Our experienced team will take a look at your garage door and make an accurate diagnostic to help you figure out what’s causing the problem. Then, we’ll make expert recommendations for repair.
  • Alignments and adjustments: Sometimes, your garage door just needs a little tweaking. We can take a look and make any needed adjustments or perform a re-alignment so that it works smoothly again.
  • Lubricating moving parts: Rust and time can make your garage door system wear down fast. Our team can lubricate all moving parts so that it operates safely and smoothly.
  • Safety: It’s important that your garage door is operating correctly in order for you and your family to stay safe. Let our pros perform a full safety check so you can be assured your garage door is functioning as it should.

Contact the garage door professionals at Mass Garage serving the Walpole, Massachusetts community. Our fully insured professionals have the background and the know-how to get your garage door working in top condition. We’re also happy to install a brand new door to make your home look brand new! Call us today to schedule your appointment!